Oct 30, 2011

Cut Paper Bridal Fashion Illustration

I love quilling and making these paper dresses with all the frou frou works when I quill the pieces as I did for all the ruffles on the dress. I also love this shade of pink-sort of ballet pink. Her head piece is tissue paper which I'd originally cut to try making tissue paper flowers. I took it apart and used the individual paper petals to make her veil. I quilled the 'orchids' for her bouquet using paper punch and dotting the color on the centers to look like white/mauve phalaenopsis. Brushes from Photoshop compete the background. I'm just having so much fun making these!

Oct 28, 2011

Illustration Friday "Scary"

No, I didn't think this was a good illustration for the 'scary' prompt because scary rhymes with fairy. I actually find the idea of the unknown beneath the surface of the lake or a pond and even the ocean to be very scary. Growing up we'd swim in lakes and that squishy bottom you'd walk on was always scary. Like under-the-bed monsters the lake had aquatic ones! This cut paper piece is mixed media (wrapping paper, scrap booking paper, hand painted paper, etc) and 3D by raising up the elements. I digitally blurred the fish to give him the underwater treatment but other than that no other digital. I'm not into scary things so the ghoulish holiday isn't my thing. But Happy Halloween anyway!

Oct 25, 2011

Cut Paper Fashion Illustration

We're expecting snow by tomorrow. Looks like an indoor project is just the thing. I have been working on fashion model drawings which has been good practice for figure drawing. Sometimes, no matter how well one knows how to draw, the human body still remains one of the toughest for me. I'll draw hands and look at them embarrassingly so as they look like I draw like a 7th grader. Hands are totally impossible. I've learned to have to make them much longer than you think. Practice makes perfect! I love cut paper and combining these two-fashion and paper I love making the dresses so here is another one. I also get to use all my quilling supplies and made another bouquet with quilling techniques.

Oct 21, 2011

"Fuel" Illustration Friday

My week's illustration is a new concept I've been working on:  Recreating lovely dresses on paper croquis using mixed media to do so. This is different paper, beads, newspaper, and I  made the flower bouquet from quilling skills. It is framed and textures added in Photoshop. I've been working on developing my fashion illustration skills also.

So what fuels the little girl's desire to get married? Biology? Society? Expectations? Why when I watch "Say Yes to the Dress" I often hear, "I want to look like a Princess"...So is it Disney? mmmm...When did getting married become so out of control? Party favors for your guests? Never heard of anything like that 23 years ago. I thought a good dinner and entertainment to help you celebrate the nuptials was enough. Now there is ice sculptures complete with running martinis, comfy sofa areas for lounging, predinner, dinner, and after dinner options-the list goes on. Perhaps it is some people's priority to have a huge celebration and there are others who elope. I guess the options are endless but I always wonder how we got to having so many options in the first place!

Oct 18, 2011

La Salle a Manger

Couldn't help naming this in French-brushing up on my language skills and trying to learn Italian. Having just been to France in August I'd gotten warmed up only to leave. I knew my French was coming back when I argued with two little girls standing in line for the restroom on who was next to use it on the flight home! We're traveling to Paris next month again for the hubby's job so want to be able to communicate like a native. But then again, the French never think you speak properly no matter how fluent you are!

This is just an attempt at a free-spirited quick painting. I'd done the drawing earlier this summer and wanted to play with my intense gouche colors I received in my Yule stocking last year! I love Matisse so his art influenced this simple drawing. Sometimes doing mindless coloring and simple lines is therapeutic. I like being able to zen sometimes and not over think art.