Dec 14, 2016

Tutu Success!

I managed to complete a tutu this past week and probably more proud then I should be. The details, terminology and desire to create something as beautiful as those I've seen seemed insurmountable. But I am ready for another. Of course my favorite part was creating the design of the embellishments.

Jul 7, 2016

Tutu Obsession!

I recently participated in a class on how to make a tutu. It is much much harder than I thought. I took the course in London at In two days we were able to construct a tutu and leave with all its ruffles in place. I for one was always behind and needed a lot of help. The layers and sewing and construction just needed more thinking on my part and 2 days wasn't enough for me. I am continuing on my tutu making education by finding other instructions and few and far between Youtube videos. My goal is to create beautiful one of a kind ballet costumes here in France.

Apr 11, 2016

Creative Visionary

OOAK Miniature Teddy Bear -
Recently I've decided to pull together all my creative endeavors...well, not all that would be impossible for a Scanner as myself. I created a sort of portfolio demonstrating my doll making and illustrations to costume design and styling of photo shoots. How does one take a melting pot of creativity and meld it together as a marketable skill and a cleanly designed resume? If anyone reading this has the answer, I'm open to suggestions. It is frustrating knowing that you could contribute to a company but unable to focus what you want to say. Too many employers seek creative people with a title already established. How about a company that says, find me some creative people and then find them the job. This is what I was told Google does but I have yet to be solicited by Google!

Mar 24, 2016

Paper Dresses

With all the social media platforms to share one's work, it can be overwhelming. I love love love Instagram and with that you don't have to write as much! I realized I hadn't posted in some time so catching up...I have made paper doll brides getting inspiration from all the bridal magazines and the beautiful gowns and couture. I now have created fashion in the haute couture realm inspired by Chanel and Versace and all in paper again. I was working recently on my children's book pages and was just in the zone with this medium and asked myself why I got distracted with other media when paper has always been my passion!