Aug 17, 2011

Le Grand Tour

My daughter and I just completed 2 weeks in Europe on a bus tour of 6 countries. Since we departed from Paris, I wanted to extend our stay by just one day so I could fulfill a desire to see Giverny and Monet's garden and waterlily pond. Waking up to rain on the hotel window and a cloudy morning, I was anxious that the opportunity would be marred by the weather. We arrived through a local tour company to Giverny around 2:45 pm. I could barely contain myself to run to the pond. I'd studied this, seen photos and taught about Monet when I was an art teacher and now I was here! Just at the point that I arrived and began taking pictures, the sun came out and the brilliance of the lilies and the Japanese bridge were on display for me. It was absolutely breathtaking. It is exactly as you see it in photos and better in person. Since my daughter and I kept travel journals, I had to sketch out Monet so here is a page from my journal. C'etait Magnifique!