Feb 13, 2017

My Sketches Come Alive with Dolls!

I love creating dolls. It is creating a character from scratch, Patterning the clothing for these dolls helps me learn for large scale fashion design. My inspiration came from sketching every evening in my notebook ballerinas or 18th century dresses with my love of Marie Antoinette as a theme. I thought that my drawings could come alive in the form of cloth dolls and moving joints. And so 4 recent doll creations were born. They measure about 18" but add that hair and she may be taller than that! The hair starts with the wool wound up in a coil to get the framework then curly mohair is added giving that exact Marie-look. One of the dolls has a Venetian mask. I loved my time in Venice over the holidays and fell in love again with this 18th century style.